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Experiences from the Trenches

Recently, I started work with a new team where I was the most experienced Business Analyst in a team of six.  I coached and guided the new BAs so that they could feel more comfortable in their role and duties.

When I find myself in a coaching role, I notice that I learn as much (or more) from the experience as the professionals that I am working with.  In this case, a number of situations presented themselves to us and I made note of the techniques, opinions, and findings that surfaced during these events, so that I could share the experience with others.

Following this post is a series of five posts that capture and share the learning from this experience;

  1. Know your Stuff and then Improvise
  2. Use Cases and Functional Decompositions and More, Oh My!
  3. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
  4. Requirements via Tables
  5. Requirement Management and Agile-like Program Management

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