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Introducing Perspectives and Pathways

If you look through the archives of this page you’ll notice that I used to write a post every now and again. Occasionally I’d write about my personal perspectives on something in the work place or something that I had read on the web or heard at a conference. I’d also broadcast corporate announcements regarding new products, partnerships and other interesting bits of trivia.

Then life got busy and I stopped writing for while; but recently I’ve been working with a great group of people on new VisuAL BA® products and they have encouraged me to begin writing again. So I have resurrected Projerra’s blog, but this time, I intend to make the message more focused and relevant.

In preparing for the relaunch of the blog, I noticed that my posts fell into two general categories, and thus, I have decided to break by blog into two parts according to these purposes.

1) Pathways is a blog dedicated to corporate announcements about Projerra including product launches, partnerships and other pieces.

2) Perspectives is a blog dedicated to my perspective on issues related to project management, business analysis, general management, leadership and related topics. These perspectives have been gained through research and academic study as well as practical experience, patience and persistence. They are simple, straightforward and candid comments about what has worked, what has not, and why.

I hope that you will find my postings practical, perceptive and pertinent.