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Let’s make Lemonade

Like many of you, I have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. My contract was terminated at the end of June, due to government money being reallocated to support the emergency relief benefits; but rather than sit idle for the past 2 months and bemoan the lemons that have come my way, I have used this opportunity to make lemonade.


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Over the past two months, I have
1. Taken a course in PowerBI,
2. Renewed & extended my professional certifications,
3. Launched a YouTube channel, Projerra is the channel dedicated to practical perspectives in IT Project Management and Business Analysis… Click through and take a look.  Subscribe so that you can catch all the goodness direct in your feed.
4. Launched a Professional page on Facebook, Follow this page to stay in touch with what I’ve been up to.
5. Evaluated a change in direction for Projerra.

What have you been up to?