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Letter from a client

Last month I received the following letter from a client. I thought I would share it with you.

I would like to make the very highest recommendation for Projerra’s VisuAL PM Knowledge Area Charts. For a Project Manager who thinks graphically, I consider these an essential tool on your personal project management toolkit. Not just for passing the test, but for your ongoing project management needs.

I found them essential to my ability to organize the PMBoK info into a coherent structure and then mentally trace the flows to find the info that I needed to know during the PMP Exam. Afterwards, the digrams continue to be successful as I think through how to organize or obtain the info required to do the best job for presenting the info required to succeed in any one PMBoK area such as Integration, Scope, or Risk Management.

I admit it – I think graphically. Reviewing the flows allows me to relate the diagrams’ interconnections to those I should make to build my project planning documents AND to assist in organizing the documents so that others can read them easily and effectively.

I feel that Stephanie has made a major contribution to project management education and ongoing practice through her organization’s providing these diagrams at such a very reasonable price.

Thank you Stephanie.